Senior Care Options Denver – Assisted Living or Home Care

There are various options available for senior care in Denver Colorado. The top two options are the assisted living Denver option are assisted facilities and the homecare. For seniors having severe health condition and needing high medical care round the clock, nursing homes are the best option. But for seniors having no serious medical condition, assisted living facilities and home care are the best choices especially in Denver Metro Area, although an assisted living is highly recommended due to certain reasons.

Physical Health and Fitness

Most of the assisted living facilities provide the latest gym equipment and regular exercise classes to keep the seniors physically health and fit. With well-trained personal trainers available, you can keep you physically active.

Social Interactions & Social Events

Various social events are available which are held on a regular basis. Plus, there is a common room where seniors can get together and socialize. This helps the elderly to maintain their social relationships. Dancing events, field trips and shopping together helps the seniors to keep lively and never feel alone.


If you want your loved ones to stay safe, Denver assisted living facilities are a great option. They have 24/7 security available so that all the residents can stay safe without any exposure to threats. There are many other things installed to help the elderly stay safe without falling or slipping off. Railings and alarm systems are available to help them in any possible problem.

Libraries and Computers

Libraries and computers are available for seniors who want to increase their knowledge. Book clubs to art classes, there are various opportunities to learn something new at the assisted living facilities. There are many guest lecturers from renowned scholars.


At home, it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet by live-alone seniors. At assisted living facilities, meals are served three times a day, in a common dining hall. The necessary nutrients are provided to the seniors so they never fall weak. If you can afford a little more, you can have luxurious dinners.


Transportation and locomotion are great problems for seniors, getting appointments, visiting the doctor. At the facility, the management takes care for your transportation. You never need to worry. Transportation facilities are available on weekly and daily basis. You can also go to shopping malls, cinema halls if you want.


You never need to worry about the housekeeping. Your apartment is cleaned by the staff. You can enjoy your stay freely without having stress about the housekeeping.

Stacys Helping Hand, Inc

If you are still not sure, which option is best fit still for your seniors in Denver Colorado, then let Stacy’s Helping Hand help you to choose the best assisted living Denver options for your seniors.